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Control Device for Three-phase Unbalance

Control Device for Three-phase Unbalance

Control Device for Three-phase Unbalance
2018/08/01 10:32
Product description
Technical parameters

Control Device for Three-phase Unbalance


Product Introduction

Aiming at the quality problem of the power distribution and transformation in the station area, the IN-Power develops the INPPCG comprehensive control device for power quality in the station area. The device can accurately regulate the three-phase current of the system to reduce the neutral current, achieve the continuous and dynamic reactive power compensation with compensation accuracy of 99%, and own the filter and voltage stabilizing functions. In order to well meet the needs of the market, the device can directly control the capacitor and phase-change switch to achieve the best performance with lowest cost.


Product advantage

 More reliable — the core components adopts the products with well-known brand to ensure the service life of the product;

● More economical— support the SVG + capacitor compensation method to achieve high performance with lowest cost;

● More energy-saving — set the standby threshold and start-stop time to effectively reduce its own running loss;

● More stable — the control device and the heating element are placed in different layers to achieve superior heat dissipation and less maintenance;

● More flexible — the functional modes can be freely combined, and the on-site wiring is not limited by phase sequence, so the installation is easier;

● More intimate — provide the one-stop services such as pre-sales & after-sales supports and plan design for customers;

● More convenient — monitor and debug the product status through the mobile phone, mobile terminal and remote background;




SVG + capacitor

 The SVG directly controls the capacitor to achieve the linear compensation;

● The control strategy is diversified, and the mutual compensation capacitance, the separated compensation capacitance, and the interphase connecting compensation capacitor can be configured;

● Under the unbalanced mode, it adopts the coarse tuning of interphase connecting compensation capacitor firstly, and the SVG fine tuning later to realize the minimum power output of the whole machine;

● The control strategy of circulating switching capacitor is used to extend the service life of the capacitor;

● Compared with the pure SVG compensation mode, the "SVG + capacitor" mode with the same capacity is more cost-effective;

● It adopts the coordinated control of multi-objective parameters, and takes the voltage, power factor and reactive power compensation, etc. as the comprehensive judgment basis. In addition, there is no switching shock or compensation inactive interval;



SVG + phase-change switch

 The SVG directly controls the phase-change switch. And it adopts the coarse tuning of phase-change switch, and the SVG fine tuning to realize the unbalanced linear compensation;

● The power consumption generated by SVG offsets with the reduced line loss of the phase-change switch, which solves the problem of increasing line loss with SVG;

● It cannot only solve the imbalance on the line, but also meet the requirements of the three-phase unbalance assessment index in real time;

● It owns the functions of reactive power compensation and harmonic control to comprehensively solve the quality problem of power distribution and transformation in the station area,

● mitigate the low voltage at the end line, and delay the aging of the line;


 Technical specification




working voltage


Work frequency


Rated capacity


60(30)/90(60)/120(90)/others (can be customized)

Mode of connection

Three-phase four-wire

Overload capacity

1.2 times of rated current (effective value), with full-load amplitude limiting function

Circuit topology

Three level

Frequency of equivalent switch

> 20kHz

Response time

< 10ms

Work mode

Unbalance compensation/reactive power compensation/harmonic compensation

Reactive power compensation rate

>99%, the setting range of power factor is -1 to +1

Harmonic filtering rate

> 95% (2 to 25 times)

Communication mode

GPRS/WIFI/RS485/ 以太网

Protection function

Over-voltage/under-voltage/over-current/over-temperature/drive fault/DC over-voltage/DC under-voltage/fan fault, etc.

Cooling method

Forced air cooling


< 55dB

Housing material

Stainless steel or SMC

Protective level

IP44 (Other protection classes  can be customized)



 Model Description

INPPCG-90(60)/0.4-F refers to the comprehensive control device for power quality in the station area with the rated capacity of 90kvar (of which, the capacitor capacity is 60kvar), rated voltage of 0.4kV, and three-phase four-wire system.



External Dimension


Dimension (mm)

Capacity (kvar)


Pure SVG type

Combination type

Other capacities can be customized