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Filter reactor

Filter reactor

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3E箔绕滤波电抗器   • 所有滤波电抗器都能够承受恶劣的运行条件,执行国际标准IEC60289。 • 感值误差:额定感值LN的0~+3% • 基波电流I1:1.10ICN(1.10过电压情况下)
2018/07/31 11:16
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Product description
Technical parameters
Since it impossible to predict conditions prevailing in the network where the reactor will do its job, all reactors have to be designed for a defined worst-case scenario, meeting all tolerances laid down by the international standard IEC 60289.
Tolerance for inductance: 0~+3% of LN 
Fundamental current I1:1.10ICN (10% overvoltage respectively)
Assumed harmonic voltage distortion:UH3=0.5%; UH5=UH7=5.0%; basing on UN
Thermal current Ith: 1.05Irms(relative to worst-case tolerances and capacitor aging)
Limit of core linearity ILin: 1.20ΣI1...7 and ≤1.8IN(relative to switching procedures at full harmonic load)
Assumed ambient temperature: 40OC
Insulation class: F/H
All low-voltage reactors can be fitted with a temperature control device in the center coil (available for all coils, if requested).
In addition, we can provide reactors including a retrofit device. Please specify the reactor temperature class when ordering the retrofit set.