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INPPCS energy storage converter

INPPCS energy storage converter
2018/07/30 21:19
Product description
Technical parameters

INPPCS energy storage converter


 Peak load shifting, smooth voltage fluctuation, elimination of sudden change, improving the quality of power grid

■ Improve the utilization of new energy and economic efficiency

■ Use of backup and emergency power supply

■ Microgrid application


 Product Principle


The INPPCS converter can realize the AC and DC conversion between the power grid and the battery, and complete the two-way energy flow between them. It is the main executive mechanism and core component of the energy storage system. Through the advanced control strategy, the converter realizes the charging and discharging management of the battery system, the charging and discharging power control of the battery energy storage system, the operating mode and mode switching functions of the grid connection/off grid; At the same time, it has perfect protection functions, such as islanding protection, DC overvoltage protection and low voltage ride through and meets the requirements of grid connection and off grid.



 Typical application


1. Energy storage + Power grid

Peak load shifting, frequency adjustment, backup power supply



2. Microgrid

Power supply for electricity free area, island, and other areas




Energy storage + Renewable energy

Energy storage + Renewable energy + Oil engine


3. Mixed application

energy storage + Power grid + Renewable energy



 Technical specification

● Touch screen operation and humanized design;

● Seamless switching function of grid connection and off grid;

● 100% three-phase unbalanced load capacity, strong resistance to impact load;

● Support multiple battery types, perfect converter and battery protection;

● Wide DC voltage range;

● Support the multi-machine parallel with good dilatancy;

● Support the function of active and reactive power regulation;

● CAN/RS485/Ethernet communication, Modbus protocol


Note: please consult In-power electric for detailed technical parameters and product model