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INPSPS series of static shore power supply

INPSPS series of static shore power supply

INPSPS series of static shore power supply
2018/07/30 21:10
Product description
Technical parameters

INPSPS series of static shore power supply


 Please provide detailed requirements for input voltage, output voltage, power supply capacity, output power frequency and installation method when ordering;

■ Please provide user configuration function when selecting models. In case of requirements, please specify in detail while if not, we will supply the product according to the standard configuration;

■ The customized service is provided. If there are other special requirements, our company can provide customized design according to user’s needs.

 The customized service is provided. If there are other special requirements, our company can provide customized design according to user’s needs.


 Product introduction


INPSPS series of static shore power supply is a variable-voltage variable-frequency shore power supply with large capacity and high performance, which is specially designed by In-power Electric Co., Ltd. for the dock for repair and building, port and quay berth with severe environment such as high humidity, high temperature, high corrosion and load impact of large motor. The multi-impulse rectifier transformer and multi-unit parallel unified control technology are used in the INPSPS device. The device has the characteristics of simple control, reliable power supply, flexible capacity selection, high input power factor, good output waveform quality and small pollution to the power grid harmonic. It is especially suitable for shipbuilding, ship repair, dock and other industries to provide the shore power supply required for ships.


 Product composition

The whole set of shore power supply system includes the shore-based system and the shore power supply junction box. The shore-based system mainly includes the 10KV switch input transformer, main control system, and the rectifier and inverter power supply system, the grid connection switch, output isolation transformer and so on. The shore-based system adopts the mature power conversion system of In-power, and the shore power supply junction box shall be the well-known brand products selected according to the customers' needs. These ensure that the complete set of devices runs safely and stably.


G: indoor type

J: outdoor moveable type

Power output frequency (Hz)

Power output rated voltage (kV)

Rated power (kVA)

Static shore power supply

Enterprise code






Rated input voltage



Rated input frequency


Input power factor





Rated output voltage



Output frequency


Output frequency error


Output frequency stability

≤0.1%(0-100% load change)

Output voltage regulation rate

Static<1%, dynamic<3% (0-100% stepped load)




The overall unit efficiency>0.95

Controlled operation

Overload capacity

It can bear the overload current that is 1.2times the rate current for 10min, and the overload current that is 1.5times the rate current for 1min, 2In output instantaneous overcurrent protection


Carry out self-inspection when starting up and real-time detection and diagnosis in operation

Protection function

It mainly includes: overvoltage protection, under-voltage protection, overcurrent protection, overload protection, short circuit protection, phase loss protection, lightning protection, transformer over-temperature protection,
IGBT drive protection, unit over-temperature protection, communication fault protection and other protection.

Display function and communication

Display function

The input voltage, current, power and power factor, and output voltage, current, power,
power factor and frequency, fault information, etc. can be displayed by the digital display of LCD


RS485/RS232/Industrial Ethernet

Use conditions

Operation temperature

-20℃~ +50℃


0~1500m (it is required to reduce the capacity for use when the altitude exceeds 1500m)

Relative humidity

0-90% (non-condensing)

Seismic strength

Magnitude 8

Cooling method

Indoor installation: forced air cooling

Outdoor movable storehouse: circulating cooling of air conditioning in closed storehouse + forced air cooling for the power cabinet of the transformer cabinet


< 75dB

Protective level

Above IP54 for outdoor overall unit, and above IP20 for indoor overall unit

Installation method

Indoor fixed type and outdoor movable type

User configuration

Man-machine interface

Touch screen

Switch input/output interface

DC24V, reserved according to user requirements

Analog input/output interface

0~5V, 4~20mA is optional, which is reserved according to user requirements