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Low-voltage Static Var Generator

Low-voltage Static Var Generator

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The low-voltage static var machine (SVG) is the three-phase full-bridge voltage-mode converter composed of insulate-gate bipolar transistor (IGBT)—the fully-controlled power electronic device
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Product description
Technical parameters

Low-voltage Static Var Generator


■ Product Introduction

The low-voltage static var machine (SVG) is the three-phase full-bridge voltage-mode converter composed of insulate-gate bipolar transistor (IGBT)—the fully-controlled power electronic device, makes the circuit absorb or send out the reactive power which satisfies the requirement, and realizes the dynamic reactive compensation by adjusting the phase and amplitude of the output voltage of the bridge circuit AC side. As an active product, SVG can compensate the harmonic current and unbalanced current with the characteristics of fast adjusting speed, high compensation precision and flexible compensation mode. It is the best solution in the field of reactive power control at present.


 Product List/Product Model




Capability (kvar)


Wall-mounted low-voltage SVG






















Drawer-typed low-voltage SVG


















 Product advantage


● Good compensation effect

The power factor after being compensated is close to 1 within the compensation capacity range, and no overcompensation or under-compensation of the system reactive power will occur. It is better than the effect of traditional passive compensation; The dynamic reactive power phase-splitting compensation can be realized;


● Perfect function

The unbalanced compensation, reactive compensation and harmonic filtering can be conducted; Moreover, the three work modes can be combined randomly, and the work mode can set priority to realize automatic capacity allocation;


● Switching function of internal integrated capacitor

SVG can directly control the switching of capacitor The mode to roughly adjust capacitors and finely adjust SVG is realized; And a variety of control strategies can be set up for capacitor switching, so as to extend the service life of capacitors;



 The function to filter out harmonic

Able to filter out 2-25 times odd harmonic, and the harmonic filtration rate can reach 95%;


 Modular design

There are various modular forms such as rack-mounted type, wall-mounted type and other types. Realize the multi-machine unequal capacity parallel connection to meet the installation requirements of different occasions and capacities;


 Double-layer heat dissipation design

The SVG module is designed separately with the upper and lower layers of heat dissipation channels for power components (such as IGBT, connection reactor) and control components (such as control board, sample plate, interface board, etc.). The two layers of heat dissipation channels are closed and isolated from each other, and the air flow in the two layers is not mutually interfered. The heat generated by the power unit is directly removed through the separate heat dissipation channel and will not affect the service life or safe operation of the control components; The upper layer air duct adopts the natural air cooling method, which will not cause heat accumulation, insulation, or short circuit or increase the product maintenance due to dust deposit, and the product has a good overall heat dissipation effect.



 Low noise design

The IGBT has high switching frequency and low high-frequency noise. At the same time, it adopts the low-noise fan which has the function of fan speed regulation to effectively reduce the noise of the whole unit;


■ Technical specification


 Product specification



working voltage

AC400 V±20%


Single-module capacity







Work frequency

50 Hz±5%

Response time

≤5 ms



Power factor after being compensated


Work mode

There are reactive compensation mode, three-phase unbalanced mode and harmonic control mode, which can be combined arbitrarily

Module installation method


Drawer type

Whether to support the multi-machine parallel connection

Support the multi-machine unequal capacity parallel connection

Passive control

Support Circuit 14 passive control, and can be used with intelligent capacitors (can be customized)

Communication mode

RS485, Moudbus communication protocol, GPRS communication and  Wifi (optional)

Cooling method

Forced air cooling




Protective level


Working condition

Temperature: -25℃ ~55℃ Relative humidity: 95% at maximum, without condensation, below the altitude of 2000m

Storage temperature

Temperature: -45℃~55℃ Relative humidity: 95% at maximum, without condensation

Executive Standard

DL/T1216-2013 Technical Regulation for Distribution Static Synchronous Compensator (DSTATCOM) 
JB/T 11067-2011 Low-voltage Active Power Filter




 Technical specification

● Modular design for the power unit: high integration, strong interchangeability, convenient and quick operation and maintenance, flexible configuration of shore power supply capacity, good adaptability and economy;

● Good input and output characteristics: The AC input side adopts the active rectifier front-end technology to conduct controlled rectification for the input AC power supply, and the output side uses the interleaved carrier for the invert output. The input and output characteristics are good and no huge input and output filters are needed, greatly reducing the size of the variable frequency power supply;

● Strong overload capacity: The inverter output side adopts the output filter technology which is specially designed by our company against the characteristics of the impact power load, greatly reducing the output harmonic content, and improving the ability of the variable-frequency variable-voltage power supply to deal with the impact of large current or the ability to bear the complex load;

● Redundancy design: The power unit itself has the master control can run separately and be controlled by the unified controller, and the control is simple and reliable. The multi-module parallel redundancy design improves the power supply reliability of the system, increases the mean time between failures (MTBF)of the system and reduces the total failure rate;

● High reliability: The power unit and controller use optical fiber communication to greatly improve the reliability of the system;

● V/F separation control technology: The voltage and frequency are controlled respectively without interfering with each other. Therefore, the voltage regulation will not cause frequency changed. This truly realizes the constant frequency and steady voltage function of the variable frequency conversion power supply;

● Intuitionistic display and easy operation: using touch controller, intelligent information management system, ensure the safety and integrity of operation and data, alarm real-time record, accurate location of alarm and historical record storage, intelligent monitoring, remote communication interface, and remote monitoring.

● Perfect protection function: There are protection functions such as over/under voltage, voltage loss protection, phase loss protection, overcurrent protection, short circuit protection, overheat protection, surge voltage buffering and absorption, lightning protection, grounding, instantaneous current limiting and so on;

 Automatic grid connection function: The shore power supply system has the ship-to-shore communication control mode, which can communicate with the ship's shore control panel according to the communication protocol, and complete the inspection and adjustment before the grid connection, grid connection and off grid operation;