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Mixer Optimization & Upgrade Project of Dezhou Linglong Tire Co., Ltd.

Shenzhou Tire Project

10kV High Voltage Reactive Compensation Complete Set of Changzheng Machinery Plant Project

Project of Angel Yeast Liuzhou Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Hengyi Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd.

Liaoning Xingdong Paper Project

Yongzhou Project of Changfeng Motors

Project of Beiqi Futian Zhucheng Aoling Auto Factory, Ruiwo Factory, Shandong Multifunctional Auto Factory

Battery Workshop and Verification Center Joint Plant Project of PEVs Auto Parts Project with an Annual Production of 200,000 Set

Zhejiang Hezhong New Energy Auto Co., Ltd.

Low Voltage SVG Reactive Compensation System of Lightweight Wheel Project with the Annual Output of 4 million of SMX DICASTAL Wh

High & Low Voltage Distribution Cabinet Procurement Project of 330,000 Capacity Project Hard Decoration Workshop II and Seat Wor