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30kW Energy Storage Converter Module

30kW Energy Storage Converter Module

The AC DC/AC part of the 30kW energy storage converter adopts a three-phase four-arm circuit topology, and the DC bidirectional DC/DC part adopts two-way interleaving technology, and is equipped with DC soft start, DC main connection, DC fuse and other protection functions. The DC side voltage range is wider; at the same time, it supports split-phase compensation technology, which can be used in different scenarios such as station energy storage, industrial and commercial energy storage, and mobile energy storage.
2022/05/26 11:36
Product description
Technical parameters
Product Features
  • Three-phase four-arm design, with 100% three-phase unbalanced load capacity;
  • Two-level topology, ultra-wide voltage range, suitable for a variety of batteries;
  • The design of the manual input medium of the shuttle knob has excellent damping characteristics;
  • With single-phase, three-phase active and reactive power control functions, accurately solve the three-phase unbalance problem;
  • Innovative plug-in fan assembly structure, fast maintenance without power failure;
  • Front panel wiring, no need to reserve maintenance channel at the back door;