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Series Energy Storage Converter

Series Energy Storage Converter

组串式储能变流器装置,由30kW/50Kw/100 kW模块为单元并联组成的系列产品,可以实现电网与电池间的交直流转换,完成两者间的双向能量流动,是储能系统的主要执行机构和核心组件;本产品可与多种类型电池搭配使用,满足工商业储能、微电网等不同应用场景的需求,安装使用灵活。 Series energy storage converter device, a series of products composed of 30kW / 50KW / 100kW modules in parallel, can realize AC / DC conversion between power grid and battery and complete two-way energy flow between them. It is the main actuator and core component of energy storage system; This product can be used with various types of batteries to meet the needs of different application scenarios such as industrial and commercial energy storage and Microgrid. It can be installed and used flexibly.
2022/05/20 15:49
Product description
Technical parameters
Product Features
  • without isolation transformer, it can be directly connected to the grid, support 100% unbalanced load, and the system cost is low;
  • support parallel networking of multiple devices;
  • support parallel and off grid seamless switching (equipped with parallel and off grid switching cabinet) to ensure the power supply safety of important equipment;
  • support multi branch input of batteries, reduce the number of parallel batteries, reduce the impact of barrel effect and improve battery efficiency;
  • have PQ, VF, VSG and black start functions;
  • redundancy design of AC and DC dual auxiliary power supply;
  • adopt three-level topology technology, with efficiency up to 98.5%;
  • automatic separation of fault modules to improve the utilization rate of equipment;

Note: please consult In-power electric for detailed technical parameters and product model