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50/100kW Energy Storage Converter Module

50/100kW Energy Storage Converter Module

This product is a modular converter product specially designed for small energy storage systems with a rated power of 50kW/100kW. It is the core power conversion unit in the energy storage device. It supports bidirectional energy flow and wide range of battery voltages. It can be used with various types of batteries to meet the needs of different application scenarios, with flexible installation and use.
2022/05/20 14:21
Product description
Technical parameters
Product Features
  • Three-phase four-arm design, with single-phase and three-phase active and reactive power control functions;
  • Support multi-machine parallel connection, good capacity expansion;
  • Rack type/wall-mounted type can be compatible with one machine, standard U-shaped cabinet size design;
  • 100% three-phase unbalanced load capacity, strong anti-shock load capacity;
  • Three-level topology, the efficiency is as high as 98.5%;
  • The front and rear panels can be switched arbitrarily, which is convenient for users to choose from a variety of options;

Note: please consult In-power electric for detailed technical parameters and product model