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Booster Integrated Cabin 1000 / 1260 / 2000 / 2520 / 3000kW

Booster Integrated Cabin 1000 / 1260 / 2000 / 2520 / 3000kW

The energy storage converter, step-up transformer, high-voltage ring network cabinet, low-voltage distribution box and other equipment are integrated into one container, which has the characteristics of simple transportation, installation, use and maintenance. PCs and step-up transformer capacity can be flexibly selected according to customer needs, plug and play, time-saving and efficient.
2022/05/07 20:35
Product description
Technical parameters
Product features:
1. High integration to reduce the difficulty of on-site construction
2. Standard container design, flexible deployment and convenient operation and maintenance
3. PCs power can be flexibly configured to meet different needs
4. Support local and remote monitoring
5. IP54 level protection, normal use in complex outdoor environment
6. Built in step-up transformer, perfect for 35kV and below voltage level

Note: please consult In-power electric for detailed technical parameters and product model