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UHPC Ultra-high performance capacitor

UHPC Ultra-high performance capacitor

TheUHPCseriesismadeforPowerFactorCorrectionandHarmonicfilterapplicationsinMediumandheavydutyIndustrialapplications.TheseCapacitorsfeaturetheuse ofaspeciallydesignedMetalizedpolypropylenefilmasthe dielectrictoensureahighworkinglifewithverylowlosses.TheUHPCSeriesareSelfhealingCapacitors,wheretheElectrodelayerwhichisaspecialmetalalloyisvacuumdepositedontothePolypropylenefilmdielectricaswellasgivenaspecialprofilewhichenablessuperiorperformanceintermsofwithstandingoverloadsandveryhighpeakcurrents. TheCapacitorelementsareprocessedunderaspecialhigh vacuumprocesswhichinvolvestheremovalofmoistureand anyothergasesfollowedbyvacuumimpregnationofthe capacitorbyaspecialgaswhichisnonPCBandnonSF6 type.Thisvacuumimpregnationprocessiscriticalfor- ensuringhighcapacitancestability-eliminationofpartialdischarges-consistentchemicalstabilityoftheelectrodeandthe dielectric Theentirecapacitorassemblyishousedinaextruded cylindricalaluminumcaseandsealedwithaspecialdouble seamingtechnology. TheUHPCCapacitortechnologyfeaturesatriplesafety systemi.e., Selfhealing-thisisaprocessbywhichtheCapacitor restoresitselfintheeventofafaultinthedielectricwhich canhappenduringhighoverloads,voltagetransientsetc.,Pressuresensitivedisconnector-thisisprovidedineach phaseofthecapacitorandenablessafedisconnectionand electricalisolationattheendofthelifeofthecapacitor. Drytechnology-thiseliminatestherisksofoilleakages whichisparticularlyundesirablewhenthecapacitorsare usedinsidecabinetsforPowerFactorCorrection.
2019/08/05 11:18
Product description
Technical parameters
The UHPC series is made for Power Factor Correctionand Harmonic filter applications in Medium and heavy dutyIndustrial applications. These Capacitors feature the use of a specially designed Metalized polypropylene film as the dielectric to ensure a high working life with very low losses.The UHPC Series are Self healing Capacitors, where theElectrode layer which is a special metal alloy is vacuumdeposited on to the Polypropylene film dielectric as well as
given a special profile which enables superior performancein terms of withstanding overloads and very high peakcurrents.
The Capacitor elements are processed under a special high vacuum process which involves the removal of moisture and any other gases followed by vacuum impregnation of the capacitor by a special gas which is non PCB and non SF6 type. This vacuum impregnation process is critical for
ensuring high capacitance stability
- elimination of partial discharges
- consistent chemical stability of the electrode and the dielectric
The entire capacitor assembly is housed in a extruded cylindrical aluminum case and sealed with a special double seaming technology.
The UHPC Capacitor technology features a triple safety system i.e.,
Self healing - this is a process by which the Capacitor restores itself in the event of a fault in the dielectric which can happen during high overloads, voltage transients etc.,Pressure sensitive disconnector - this is provided in each phase of the capacitor and enables safe disconnection and electrical isolation at the end of the life of the capacitor.
Dry technology - this eliminates the risks of oil leakages which is particularly undesirable when the capacitors are used inside cabinets for Power Factor Correction.