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LSVG dynamic filter compensation system

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LSVG dynamic filter compensation system
2018/07/30 17:01
Product description
Technical parameters

LSVG dynamic filter compensation system




LSVG dynamic filter compensation device is an innovative generation product developed based on the most advanced flexible power transmission and distribution technology.The organic combination of active and passive filter compensation technologies breaks through the traditional application and achieves the best filter compensation effect while effectively reducing costs.

The passive unit of LSVG uses advanced modular design, which is easy to assemble and disassemble, as well as maintain, and has good ventilation and heat dissipation.

The active unit of LSVG uses the advanced active filter technology, which has good filtering effect and more powerful functions.


Product features


● Flexible control mode

The active and passive filter compensation technologies complement each other’s advantages, and set the dynamic range and harmonic filtration capacity of reactive compensation flexibly with a controller; automatically track load changes with phase splitting step-less output of capacitive or inductive reactive current; the 2-50th harmonics can be filtered out, and the capacity of the active unit for harmonic filtration and reactive compensation is automatically adjusted according to the set priority

● Fast response and high compensation precision

The use of active units can generate bidirectional (inductive and capacitive) reactive current characteristics, achieving dynamic reactive compensation of top speed far beyond the switching speed of the thyristor; moreover, phase splitting step-less adjustment may be achieved and the power factor can be promoted to 1 easily under the permissive condition of capacity.

● High cost performance

The passive unit not only has the function of improving power factor, but also can be used to filter low-order harmonic; the active unit not only has the function of dynamic filtering harmonic , but also has the function of fast phase splitting for reactive power compensation; reduce the capacity of active unit effectively to achieve high cost performance while ensuring filtering effect.

● Industrialization structure design

Modular design is used for easy installation and maintenance;compact structure with few floor surface; the device is of high efficiency and low power dissipation.

● Intelligent monitoring

Large screen HMI human-machine interface with clear operating parameters and operating state, as well as automatic failure diagnosis; Be provided with remote communication interface for remote monitoring in real-time.




Figure note: the above is the detection data before and after the use of LSVG in the reactive compensation and harmonic control project of stamping equipment of an automobile manufacturer.



Technical parameters


•Rated voltage:

400V, 690V (customization is available for special specifications)

Reactive compensation:

The target power factor or reactive compensation rate can be set

•Filtering performance:

The 2~50th harmonics can be filtered out


4-wire product can filter out neutral harmonic

•Communication mode:

Ethernet (TCP/IP), RS485, Modbus protocol

•Response time:


•Cooling method:

Air cooling

•Structure type:

Cabinet structure

•Protection class:

IP20 (customization is available for special requirements)

•Power dissipation:




•Ambient temperature:

≤40° C


2000m (reduce capacity by 1%/100m above 2000m)

•Cabinet type:

Compatible with a variety of cabinet types, customization is available according to customer needs

Note: technical parameters above may change after product update




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