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IN-Power Electric Ensures Power Supply Security of the Sub-center of Beijing, Tongzhou

IN-Power Electric Ensures Power Supply Security of the Sub-center of Beijing, Tongzhou

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ProjectBrief IN-Power Electrichasbeenthebidwinnerofoneprojectafteranotherinthesub-centerofBeijing,Tongzhou.Thistime,intheC-region project,itwonthebidwithatotalof10,320kvar,whichmarksthatithasbeen reco



Project Brief



IN-Power Electric has been the bid winner of one project after another in the sub-center of Beijing, Tongzhou. This time, in the C-region project, it won the bid with a total of 10,320kvar, which marks that it has been recognized by the power electronics industry.


The construction of the Beijing Sub-center in Tongzhou is a major decision and arrangement made by the Party Central Committee. It is a strategic measure to adjust the spatial pattern of Beijing, promote the coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, and explore the optimal development model of densely populated areas.


In the future, you will see IN-Power Electric here. The power quality control products of the company will be popular in the new commercial buildings and business offices, providing users with safe and stable power supply. The equipment is mainly used to improve the power factor of the load and the system, reduce the power loss, stabilize the voltage, and improve the power supply quality.



Low voltage reactive unit(INPSVG)

The basic principle of INPSVG is to connect the voltage type inverter through the reactor on the power grid in parallel. By adjusting the amplitude and phase of the output voltage of the AC inverter, it can quickly absorb or emit the required reactive power and achieve fast dynamic adjustment. As an active compensation device, it can track and compensate the impact reactive current of the impact load, and the harmonic current as well.


Performance advantage

It can provide continuous, smooth, dynamic and fast reactive power compensation from inductive to capacitive;

The controllable current source type compensation device based on IGBT inverter has good safety and stability, because it does not cause harmonic amplification and resonance, nor be sensitive to system parameters;

It does not generate harmonics, and has harmonic compensation function;

The response time is no more than 5ms, enabling to effectively suppress flickering in the distribution network;

It adopts modular design with compact structure, unique heat dissipation channel that ensures good heat dissipation effect, and simple wiring, which greatly saves assembly time and space;

It can be installed using a variety of methods, such as horizontal or vertical installation;

The capacitors, inductors and other components in INPSVG adopt advanced manufacturing technology. As a result, the electromagnetic noise during operation is significantly reduced, and the running loss of the whole device is less than 2.5%.

It has restart function after failure recovery;


About IN-Power Electric

Founded in March 2004, Beijing IN-Power Electric Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “IN-Power Electric”) is an high-tech Sino-foreign joint venture enterprise. After years of development, IN-Power Electric has become a technology-based enterprise specializing in power technology research and development, power equipment manufacturing and engineering services. Taking as “focusing on the future developments and leading the power industry as the business philosophy, the company bases itself on the high-end power and electronics industry with broad prospects, devoted to providing users with power quality control equipment such as components, function modules and complete sets of equipment, as well as customized power quality solutions. Looking forward, the company will do its utmost to enable power users to enjoy safe and green power by improving the power efficiency of power equipment, reducing power loss, ensuring power safety, and extending power equipment life. For further information, please visit the company website: www.in-power.net