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The 9th Distribution Network Technology Application Forum Will Be Held on July 26, 2018

The 9th Distribution Network Technology Application Forum Will Be Held on July 26, 2018

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IN-Power Electric will exhibit quality distribution network products conforming to the trend of the Times,
Share technical experience with everyone present.
And discuss the best solution for power qua

When it is July, the Egret Island (Xiamen) is  shaded by green trees.

The wind kisses water surface, and cicadas fill the air with their singing.

The Egret Island is always fascinating.

In this summer,

IN-Power Electric will meet you in the most beautiful season and city,

To discuss distribution network matters and imagine its future.

In 2018,

We are constantly following new development trends,

To expand new markets,

And seek a more accurate development direction.

At this distribution network exhibition,

IN-Power Electric will exhibit quality distribution network products conforming to the trend of the Times,

Share technical experience with everyone present.

And discuss the best solution for power quality problems.




The 9th Distribution Network Technology Application Forum

Xiamen, China

Data: July 26-28, 2018

Venue: Xiamen International Conference Center

Booth No: B37



Power quality problems in distribution networks are prominent, especially in rural areas. Due to various factors such as natural environmental conditions and problems left over by history, the power supply capacity in rural areas cannot meet the increasing demand for electricity. Such being the case, the State Council raised the opinion on upgrading the rural network during the 13th Five-Year Plan period. With 13 years of dedication to power industry and a keen sense of the industry, IN-Power Electric has been committed to the research on improving the power quality of rural power grids before 2016, providing a complete solution for the distribution network transformation.


About IN-Power Electric

Founded in March 2004, Beijing IN-Power Electric Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “IN-Power Electric”) is an high-tech Sino-foreign joint venture enterprise. After years of development, IN-Power Electric has become a technology-based enterprise specializing in power technology research and development, power equipment manufacturing and engineering services. Taking as “focusing on the future developments and leading the power industry as the business philosophy, the company bases itself on the high-end power and electronics industry with broad prospects, devoted to providing users with power quality control equipment such as components, function modules and complete sets of equipment, as well as customized power quality solutions. Looking forward, the company will do its utmost to enable power users to enjoy safe and green power by improving the power efficiency of power equipment, reducing power loss, ensuring power safety, and extending power equipment life. For further information, please visit the company website: www.in-power.net