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Dynamic voltage restorer
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Dynamic voltage  restorer 


Product introduction

Based on the power electronic technology, The INPAVC (dynamic voltage restorer) adopts the fully-controlled power electronic device IGBT.  When the system voltage drops or rises temporarily, the INPAVC adjusts the voltage rapidly in real time, the output voltage is seamlessly linked up to the rated value and the load power supply is not interrupted, ensuring stable operation of the equipment.

Technical features

Short bypass switching time: switching time <1 ms; 

■ High operating efficiency and fast response speed: efficiency >99%, full response time <3ms;

■ 100% depth compensation: single phase, two-phase, three-phase dropping to 0% can be controlled. 

■ Modular design: support multiple modules in parallel, compact structure, small footprint and easy maintenance; 

■ High reliability: redundancy design, complete protection function, energy storage components with no batteries, maintenance-free and duty -free;


Product advantages


Application effect drawing of the product