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Photovoltaic + Energy storage
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1.Photovoltaic + Energy Storage New Energy Solution



With the diversification of new energy forms, the disadvantages of the single energy form are also emerging. For example, the PV fluctuation will often lead to the instability of load power supply. Therefore, it is necessary to combine various new energy sources for complementary advantages to maximize their benefits.

As a practitioner in the new energy industry, IN-Power Electric has been constantly implementing its own strength to maximize the utilization of new energy. IN-Power Electric first built a new energy micro-grid demonstration project of PV + energy storage in its own industrial park.

System composition: 20kW PV, 50kwh lithium battery energy storage, 50KW energy storage converter and intelligent switch cabinet


Control strategy

Grid-connected mode: When the weather is good during the day, the photovoltaic (PV)system is preferentially used to supply power to the load, and the remaining amount is stored in the energy storage system. At night or in rainy weather, the energy storage system and the power grid jointly supply power to the load.

Off-grid mode: When the municipal power supply has power failure, the system automatically switches to off-grid mode. When the load power is less than the PV power, the PV system supply the power to the load, and the PV surplus is stored in the energy storage system. When the load power is greater than the PV power, the PV system and the energy storage system jointly supply power to the load.


Project value:

Various new energy forms complement each other, greatly improving energy efficiency.

The energy storage system adopts the parallel mode of peak load shifting to reduce the electric charge of the park.

Improve the reliability of regional power supply.When the municipal power supply has power failure, the micro-grid can continue to output electrical energy, which is used by the load to reduce the failure rate of the load device.



2. Micro-grid Solution with Multiple Energy Combinations



System composition:

1. PV system: PV panel, PV inverter

2. Storage system: high performance energy storage battery, PCS

3. Diesel generator, transformer, intelligent switch cabinet, municipal power supply, etc.


Scope of application:

1. Islands and remote areas without or shortage of power

2. Areas with unstable power supply

3. Comprehensive management and utilization of various energy sources


System features:

1. Comprehensive management and complementary advantages of various new energy forms to improve energy utilization

1. With high flexibility and mobility, the system has the capacity of expansion and also can access to other energy resources

3. Reduce equipment failure rate to provide system stability

4. Use peak load shifting to reduce the cost of electricity

5. Seamless switching from grid connection to off grid can be realized with intelligent switch cabinet.

6. Smooth the PV output curve to provide PV utilization

7. Be provided with complete cloud background management system, so the system status is clear at a glance