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Micro grid solutions
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Micro grid solutions


The micro-grid solutions integrates various energy sources such as wind power, PV, stored energy and diesel generators to improve power supply reliability, improve the utilization of renewable energy, complement each other by various energy sources, solve suspended fans and excessive power generation, and stabilize fluctuations. At the same time, it can also provide individualized energy supply according to the needs of different users such as industrial electricity and residential electricity, and realize optimal allocation of power resources to make up for the instability of single energy source and improve economic efficiency.




Solution features:

1.Reduce suspended fans and excessive power generation to improve economic benefits

2. Improve the stability and planning possibility for grid-connected power generation

3. Efficient and flexible, suitable for various renewable energy power generation systems

4. Comprehensive management and complementary advantages of various new energy forms to improve energy utilization

5. Be provided with the switching of grid connection and off-grid


Application scene:

1. Islands and remote areas without or shortage of power

2. Areas with unstable power supply

3. Comprehensive management and utilization of various energy sources

4. Areas scattered with PV installation


System value:

1. With high flexibility and mobility, the system has the capacity of expansion and can access to various energy resources

2. Improve the stability of the system and enhance the flexible output of the power grid

3. Seamless switching from grid connection to off grid can be realized with intelligent switch cabinet. Switching time between grid-connection and off-grid is < 20ms

4. Smooth renewable energy output curve, stabilize the fluctuation


Typical applications:




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