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After-sales service
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Beijing IN-Power Electric Co., Ltd. is committed to providing high quality services to customers and meeting their diversified demands. The company has a team of highly skilled and experienced engineers to provide customers with all-weather service. The professionals will respond quickly to customer demands via service networks throughout the country, so that losses caused by equipment failures can be minimized.


On-site service

The on-site service means that the engineer arrives at the customer site to provide services including installation guidance, operation and commissioning, maintenance and repair, fault clearing, and technology upgrades.

Telephone guidance

The telephone guidance refers to remote communication with customers through telephone and Internet to perform equipment installation guidance, debugging, fault location, and fault clearing services;

Return-to-factory service

The return-to-factory service means that the customer sends the faulty device to our factory for repair. Compared with on-site service, the cost of returning to the factory is much lower;

In-warranty replacement service

The in-warranty replacement service means that we will replace the malfunction equipment for you if it fails within the warranty period.

Out-of-warranty service

The out-of-warranty service means that we provide you with such services as on-site inspection, maintenance and repair, and fault clearing of power equipment after the warranty expires.

Spare parts sales service

We have a spare parts storage that is ready to provide you with spare parts for mainstream products. The spare parts can be delivered to customers accurately and quickly through professional and fast logistics.


After-sales service hotline:

Technical support: 010-63805588 to 601/632/668

After-sales consultation: 0316-2578557